The Netherlands, first country in Europe to launch Net-neutrality legislation

After our recent review on Chile’s important legislation milestone on Net-neutrality, we celebrate the second world legislation and the first European text to surface this side of the globe.

A broad majority in the Dutch parliament voted for a legislative proposal to safeguard an open Internet in The Netherlands. The proposal prohibits Internet access providers from restricting or charging end-users for specific services. The Netherlands is the first country in Europe to launch net neutrality provisions in parliament.

According to the Dutch Blog Bits of Freedom, Dutch telecom incumbent KPN recently received world-wide media-attention because of it plans to charge Internet users for the use of innovative and competitive services such as Internet telephony. The legislative proposal aims to prevent this, while still allowing for measures in case of congestion and for network security, as long as these measures serve end-user interests.

The Register notes that “The final vote on the new telecommunications act in the Dutch House of Representatives will take place next Tuesday, but is considered a formality.”

Though The Netherlands is the first European company to enact net neutrality into law, it is not the first country worldwide to do so: That distinction goes to Chile, which “…ensure[d] access to all types of content, services or applications available on the network and offer a service that does not distinguish content, applications or services, based on the source of it or their property” in a 2010 law.


Go far beyond the neutrality… :


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